How Many Episodes & Seasons in 'Bitten' TV Series Are There?

How Many Episodes & Seasons in 'Bitten' TV Series Are There?

Tuesday, December 24, 2019
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How Many Episodes & Seasons in 'Bitten' TV Series Are There? 

How Many Episodes & Seasons in 'Bitten' TV Series Are There?

Bitten is a Canadian television series based on the Women of the Otherworld series of books by author Kelley Armstrong. The name was inspired by the first book in the series.

The series created by Daegan Fryklind, with most filming in Toronto and Cambridge, Ontario.

The series aired on Space from January 11, 2014 to April 15, 2016. Its third and final season finished in April 2016.

The series was acquired by Syfy for airing in the United States, and premiered in January 2014. It premiered in Australia on August 8, 2015 on FOX8. SyfyUK commenced broadcast on 19 May 2016.

How Many Episodes & Seasons In Bitten? During the course of the series, 33 episodes of Bitten aired over three seasons.

Plot Summary

Elena Michaels, a female werewolf who is torn between a normal life with her human boyfriend Philip in Toronto and her "family" obligations as a werewolf in upstate New York. Among her pack is her ex-fiancé Clayton, who is responsible for her becoming a werewolf

Production Details

How Many Episodes & Seasons in 'Bitten' TV Series Are There?
Bitten Poster -

• Drama
• Fantasy
• Horror
Created by
• Daegan Fryklind
Based on
• Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong
Country of origin
• Canada
Original language
• English
Running time
• 43–45 minutes
Original network
• Space, Syfy
Picture format
• 480i (NTSC)
• 1080i HDTV
Original release
• January 11, 2014 – April 15, 2016

Cast and Character

  • Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels
  • Greyston Holt as Clayton Danvers
  • Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers
  • Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino
  • Paul Greene as Philip McAdams
  • Michael Xavier as Logan Jonsen
  • Genelle Williams as Rachel Sutton
  • Tommie-Amber Pirie as Paige Winterbourne
  • Paulino Nunes as Antonio Sorrentino
  • Joel Keller as Peter Myers
  • Benjamin Ayres as Jorge Sorrentino
  • Mackenzie Gray as Jimmy Koenig
  • Shauna MacDonald as Lily Bevelaqua

Production and Development

On May 22, 2014, the series was renewed for a second season of 10 episodes, with production beginning in Summer.

On May 22, 2015, Space confirmed the series to be renewed for a third season with filming set to begin summer/fall 2015.

It was confirmed in December 2015 that the third season of Bitten would be the show's final season.

The series was acquired by Syfy for airing in the United States, and premiered in January 2014. It premiered in Australia on August 8, 2015 on FOX8. SyfyUK commenced broadcast on 19 May 2016.

Season 1 Episode Guide

How Many Episodes & Seasons in 'Bitten' TV Series Are There?

Season 1 Guide for Bitten TV series - see the episodes list with episode name and episode summary.

How many episodes are there in Bitten Season 1? There are 13 episodes in Bitten season one. The series aired on January 11, 2014 to April 5, 2014.

Episode 1 - Summons

Elena, a werewolf trying to live a normal life, is summoned home by Jeremy, the leader of her Pack, when it comes under attack by an unknown enemy. Returning to Stonehaven also means running into her first love, Clayton Danvers, the man who betrayed her by transforming her into a werewolf.

Episode 2 - Prodigal

Elena tries to keep Clayton at arm's length, but he lets her know he will do whatever it takes to get her back in his life for good. She uses the search for the deadly "mutt" as a distraction from her complicated personal life, but things get worse when a second dead body is found on Stonehaven property.

Episode 3 - Trespass

Elena and Clayton fall back into old patterns from their former relationship, which alarms Elena who wants to forget the past. Together, they track down the Mutt to a warehouse, but find themselves in a sticky situation when it transitions into a wolf.

Episode 4 - Grief

Elena and Clay must put aside their growing sexual attraction as they team up to discover who wants to transform serial killers into werewolves.

Episode 5 - Bitten

Elena is overcome by memories of her love affair with Clayton and his betrayal by changing her into a werewolf. When Clayton is accused of being behind the murders, Elena comes to his defense. Meanwhile, a former Pack member and Clayton's rival returns with information about the Mutt plot.

Episode 6 - Committed

Elena leaves Stonehaven and returns to Toronto. Daniel Santos follows her and offers a deal by which she can escape the pack. Back in Stonehaven, Jeremy's control over his fellow werewolves is challenged.

Episode 7 - Stalking

Santos is now revealed as the leader of the Mutt uprising. He requests a meeting with the pack in order to discuss a potential truce. The pack views this as an opportunity to trap the rebelling Mutts; however, the Mutts are one step ahead, which leads to members of the pack being injured.

Episode 8 - Prisoner

Elena figures out that Jeremy was stabbed with a poisoned blade. In order to find out the type of poison used, she tracks down the girl who stabbed Jeremy. Clayton attempts various tactics to get Cain to reveal the location of the Mutts. Although unsuccessful, Cain does reveal that Santos has hired Jimmy Koenig to go after the pack.

Episode 9 - Vengeance

Jimmy calls on Jeremy to end the fight "old-school". Both Jimmy and Jeremy struggle to gain the upper hand; however, Jimmy seems the likely winner. Just as Jimmy is about to end Jeremy's life, Nick steps in and kills Jimmy. Elena is attacked by a Mutt. Meanwhile, Philip sees a video of Logan and Elena the night they were on the run, leading him to believe the pair were having an affair. Philip then confronts Logan about his suspicions.

Episode 10 - Descent

Elena returns to Toronto for her photography show. Ordered by Jeremy, Clayton accompanies her. Elena is surprised by Philip, who knows her relationship with Clayton is deeper than she has confessed in the past. Philip, curious to get to the bottom of it, insists Clayton stay with them at the apartment. As the two men nurture their own agenda, Elena tries to prevent her two worlds from colliding. At the art show, Elena is blindsided when Victor Olson, her former child abuser, makes a guest appearance. Adding to her terror, he is revealed to be a Mutt. Philip steps in to protect and defend Elena's honor, taking out his frustration and rage on Olson. Outside the gallery, Clayton confronts Santos, threatening to kill him and end the uprising in its tracks. This is witnessed by a horrified Diane. Santos manages to escape just as Olson flees the gallery. The evening ends with Philip demanding the truth about Elena and Clayton's relationship. Elena reveals that the pair were former lovers and also engaged. Philip storms out in anger; Elena feels her world is imploding.

Episode 11 - Settling

Clay and Elena are at Philip's apartment, waiting for Jeremy and the pack to arrive. Clayton reveals to Elena that the Mutts are after her. Philip arrives back at his apartment and proposes to Elena. She rebuffs his proposal and secretly sneaks out to seek counsel from Logan. Logan decides to leave the pack, but after being attacked by Karl Marsten and Thomas LeBlanc, he asks Rachel to take him back to Stonehaven. Under James Williams' orders, Santos and Victor head to Philip's apartment in search of Elena. Amidst a fight with Clayton and Philip, Elena changes into her wolf form in order to save Philip from the pair. However, Santos and Olson manage to drug and capture Clayton.

Episode 12 - Caged

Jeremy and Nick meet Elena and convince her to return to Stonehaven to regroup. Meanwhile, Clayton is tortured by Santos and his group of Mutts. Santos reveals his original intention was to capture Elena and use her as a pawn to force Jeremy to relinquish his control as Alpha, as ordered by James Williams. Rachel brings Logan to Stonehaven, where Jeremy helps him recuperate from his injuries. Jeremy imprisons Elena to prevent her from meeting up with Santos. When he leaves to search for Santos, Logan frees Elena, and she eventually meets up with Santos, who tells her his demands. Santos wants to mate with Elena in exchange for Clayton's freedom. She captures Victor Olson and forces him to reveal where the Mutts are hiding Clayton. Elena then kills him and frees Clayton; together they escape the Mutts. Jeremy reveals to Elena that Clayton bit her in order to stop him from killing her.

Episode 13 - Ready

James Williams directs Santos to recruit more Mutts to attack Stonehaven. Logan takes Rachel to a motel and leaves her there in hopes of keeping her away from the upcoming battle. Tired of waiting, Rachel leaves the motel and is captured by the Mutts, who use her as a decoy to commence the fight. Just before the battle, Jeremy tells Nick that he knows where his mother is located. Logan returns Stonehaven to help Jeremy and the rest of the pack fight the Mutts. Elena is captured by LeBlanc, but is saved by Marsten, who has had a change of heart. Believing the Mutts have the upper hand, Williams and Santos enter Stonehaven. Williams then disappears and Santos is cornered by the Pack. Elena kills Santos. The pack defeat the Mutts, but instead of admitting defeat, Williams confronts Jeremy and reveals his intention to take Elena. Amidst the chaos, Rachel is kidnapped by Williams, who turns out to be Malcolm Danvers, Jeremy's father. Later, Elena returns to her room and puts on the engagement ring Clayton had given her. Turning around, she discovers the severed head of Philip in her bed and screams.

Season 2 Episode Guide

How Many Episodes & Seasons in 'Bitten' TV Series Are There?

Season 2 Guide for Bitten TV series - see the episodes list with episode name and episode summary.

How many episodes are there in Bitten Season 2? There are 10 episodes in Bitten season two. The series aired on February 7, 2015 to April 11, 2015.

Episode 1 - Bad Blood

While Elena and the pack hunt for Malcolm, the Council of International Alphas tells Jeremy to kill Malcolm or lose control over North America. Logan searches on his own for Rachel and plans to go underground after finding her.

Episode 2 - Scare Tactics

While the pack interrogates Malcolm, Clay investigates a mysterious symbol and learns more about his past. The pack discovers a coven of witches whose agenda conflicts with the pack's plans.

Episode 3 - Hell's Teeth

After the witches steal Malcolm, the pack learns that he is bait to retrieve Savannah, a twelve year old girl. The pack and the coven reluctantly join forces against a common threat, which causes the witches to lose a member, Malcolm to finally die, and Elena to be kidnapped. In a flash back, we see the day that Savannah is stolen from home in front of Paige.

Episode 4 - Dead Meat

Elena was abducted by a powerful cult, the same one holding Savannah, and is subjected to painful tests. One test includes almost deafening her. Elena bonds somewhat with Savannah. Meanwhile, the witches and the pack decide to use dark magic to find Savannah and Elena. At the same time, Logan finds Rachel and they try to leave.

Episode 5 - Rabbit Hole

Elena fights to stay alive while the pack and the coven try to unravel the mystery of Aleister's identity and the location of his compound. In a flashback, Dr. Bauer is seen meeting Aleister. Meanwhile, Rachel is seemingly brainwashed until she is not. She manages to remove the brands from everyone, but not permanently. She goes looking for Logan.

Episode 6 - Nine Circles

Aleister uses magic to turn Elena's darkest fears against her. Meanwhile, Clay and Paige fight each other while searching for the cult's compound. Logan and Rachel escape the compound. In a flashback, we see the day that Ruth gave birth to Aleister.

Episode 7 - Bad Dreams

The pack rallies around Jeremy when the Spanish alpha tries to blackmail him into killing the Russian alpha, but Savannah's visit derails their plans. Meanwhile, the Spanish alpha hires Marsten to kill Jeremy.

Episode 8 - Dark Arts

Trapping Clay's mind in its own subconscious, Aleister possesses his body and infiltrates Stonehaven in a bid to kidnap Savannah. Meanwhile, Elena and the pack learn a dangerous way to get rid of Aleister, with some consequences for Clay.

Episode 9 - Scavenger's Daughter

Searching for Aleister, Elena and her cohorts discover his nefarious plans for Savannah with his helper Clara. Ruth has another plan for vanquishing Aleister. Logan meets with Rachel, and because of her lies, joins a fight club and fights with Zachary Cain.

Episode 10 - Fine Temporum

Elena and the pack provoke a final showdown with Aleister, storming the Delphi building to save Savannah, the witches, and the werewolves.

Season 3 Episode Guide

How Many Episodes & Seasons in 'Bitten' TV Series Are There?

Season 3 Guide for Bitten TV series - see the episodes list with episode name and episode summary.

How many episodes are there in Bitten Season 3? There are 10 episodes in Bitten season three. The series aired on February 12, 2016 to April 15, 2016.

Episode 1 - Family, Of Sorts

Willing to strengthen the pack’s power, Jeremy tasks Clay, Elena, and Nick with recruiting North American mutts, but the attack of a werewolf hunter forces them to change their plans. Elena is approached by an actual werewolf family, whose father reveals something shocking to her.

Episode 2 - Our Own Blood

Elena does not know what to make of the mysterious werewolf, Sasha, when he claims to be her father. Meanwhile, Clay readies Stonehaven for a possible attack from the Spanish by recruiting new Pack members.

Episode 3 - Right Behind You

More of Roman's soldiers descend on Bear Valley as Elena struggles to convince Jeremy to protect her blood family against the Russian Alpha on a quest to kill Sasha. Meanwhile, Nick investigates what Roman and his werewolves have planned.

Episode 4 - A Quiet Dog

Jeremy attempts to broker a deal to end the 30-year blood feud between Sasha and Roman. Meanwhile, Elena watches over Pack prisoner Konstantin, who tries to determine her motives for protecting Sasha.

Episode 5 - Of Sonders Weight

Jeremy faces the fallout of failed negotiations between Roman and Sasha. Sasha tells Elena the truth about abandoning her 30 years ago as she nurses him back to health. Meanwhile, Clay and Alexei track down the victim of a young wolf's attack.

Episode 6 - Rule of Anger

Elena and Clay team up against a deadly new foe as they attempt to save the imprisoned Marsten. At the same time, Paige and Nick work together to figure out what is causing the magical outbreaks from Rachel's baby; Katia does something desperate to save her family.

Episode 7 - On the Brink

Nick, Paige, and Rachel use magic to track Katia after she kidnaps baby Rocco. Elena asks Konstantin to meet with her at Stonehaven to discuss ending the blood feud and calling off the Russian assassin. Only more bloodshed results from Clay and Jorge keeping an eye on the Albino.

Episode 8 - Tili Tili Bom

Jeremy abdicates his position and acknowledges Elena as the new Alpha. Elena and Clay attempt to trap and kill the Albino, but he escapes. Nick and Katia are captured by two of Roman's men and taken to a farm to await the Albino. Jeremy plans to infiltrate Roman's compound with the intent to kill him so that Konstantin will be able to call off the blood feud. Nick and Katia escape but, while walking down a road, a pickup stops, and the Albino steps out and kills Katia.

Episode 9 - Shock the System

The pack pledges loyalty to Elena. Sasha and Alexei go to bury Katia. They argue and Sasha and runs off, vowing to get revenge. Elena and Sasha chase an attacker and split up, tracking the Albino's scent. Nick tracks Elena and Sasha through their phones but the signals disappear. Roman has captured Jeremy. Konstantin persuades his father not to kill him. Roman tells Jeremy he must confess that he and Sasha lured Roman to Stonehaven to kill him to allow Sasha to replace him. Jeremy agrees after Roman shows the Albino torturing Elena and Sasha. Jeremy hints to Nick where Elena and Sasha are. Konstantin sends the other Russians away and lets Elena's pack into Roman's estate. He frees Jeremy, who kills Roman. Nick sends Clay and Alexei to rescue Elena and Sasha. Clay attacks the Albino. At Stonehaven, Konstantin tells the Russian pack that Jeremy killed Roman and they are avenged. Back at the warehouse, the Albino's twin brother stands by his body, pledging to seek vengeance on the packs.

Episode 10 - Truth, Changes, Everything

Konstantin's pack kills Marsten and Anson while Cain escapes. Elena, Clay, Sasha, and Alexei hide in an old factory. Jeremy and Nick are locked in Stonehaven's basement. Konstantin declares his plan to take over and become the only Alpha in a worldwide pack. Elena, Clay, and Alexei attack the guards at Stonehaven, but the Albino twin leads Jeremy away. They follow and see the Albino stab Jeremy. Clay attacks, but the Albino taunts Alexei over his mother's death. Alexei kills the Albino. When Nick and Rachel are attacked in her safe house, they kill their attackers. Elena talks to Konstantin to try and make peace. Elena has already initiated a plan to tell the world about werewolves. Sasha and Paige crash the mayor of Bear Valley's press conference. Sasha changes to a wolf, and in the chaos, a police officer shoots and kills him. Konstantin and his pack leave for Russia. Elena burns down Stonehaven to destroy the records of werewolf bloodlines, names and locations. The surviving pack members are free to choose their own destinies.

Did You Know? 

1. Based on Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series.

2. The top view of the whole town is used in Pretty Little Liars, Witches of East End, The Carrie Diaries, Gilmore Girls, Riverdale, Bitten and Hart of Dixie. The set itself is used on Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls, and Hart of Dixie.

3. Laura Vandervoort and Steve Lund previously worked together on Haven (2010).

4. Greyston Holt guest stars as a vampire Supernatural (2005). Vampires are natural enemies of werewolves.

5. Kaitlyn Leeb, who plays Nick's romantic conquest Amanda, also appeared in another contemporary werewolf film, Wolves (2014).

6. The show is mostly filmed in Hespeler Village, Cambridge, ON, Canada. It is also written by a fellow Canadian, Kelley Armstrong, and many of the actors rein from Canada as well.

7. When Elena checks the office after locking the mutt in at the rave the inside of the door shows obvious gouges from scratching and clawing, however when she's running out of the office the door is entirely undamaged. (Ep - Trespass)

8. At around 10:40, the businessman talks about a company in Estonia producing the best vodka in the Balkans. Estonia is in the Baltic States - a long long way from the Balkans. (Ep - Trespass)

9. Clay mispronounces the name of Tulane University as Too-LAY-nee. (Ep - Bad Blood)

10. Around 37 minutes while Elena is in the basement with Malcolm and trying to let him out Clay comes down with Logan to stop her and while he is holder here the rope wrapped on her right arm disappears from her right arm. (Ep - Scare Tactics)

11. When Sean Rogerson, as Aleister, says the special code phrase "I am the lock" and Kiara Glasco, as Savannah, responds "And I'm the key", it is a reversal of the dialogue in the 1976 Dean R. Koontz mind-control thriller novel, "Night Chills", in which the man in charge boldly proclaimed that he was the key, and the subject meekly answered that he/she was the lock. As in this show, set in Bear Valley, "Night Chills" took place in a secluded town, Black Water. Unlike this show, unfortunately, "Night Chills" never got filmed. (Ep - Hell's Teeth)

12. When Jeremy and Clay run up on a presumably dead Malcolm you can see him blink and breathe. In the very next scene, he is being covered with a cloth to represent his death. (Ep - Hell's Teeth)

13. The title references the nine circles of Hell described in Dante`s Inferno. (Ep - Nine Circles)

14. In the opening scene it starts by saying "30 Years Ago" - so we are to assume the 80s - but in case you missed that, wardrobe made it abundantly clear with the character's wardrobe. What someone failed to 80-fy was her money. The bills in her fat envelope of cash were all modern 20s. (Ep - Nine Circles)

15. "Fine Temporum" The English translation of the Latin title is, appropriately enough, "Good end of season".

16. Sasha Antanov shows a Tattoo on his arm with Elena's birthday... 09.22.84 (September 22nd 1984) which happens to be Laura Vandervoort's actual Birthday.

17. When Clay walks into Reg's Diner to confront the Albino behind the counter is a bulletin board with a "Missing" poster featuring ex sheriff Karen Morgan who was killed off two episodes prior. (Ep - On the Brink)

18. When The Albino is in the house with Clay and Elena and is taunting them about settling down, he says "get fat and pregnant. Maybe have twins." In the books, Clay and Elena do have twins, Kate and Logan. (Ep - Tili Tili Bom)

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